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Painting Services for your HDB House

Whether you stay in a 3 room, 4 room or 5 room HDB flat in Singapore, our experienced painters are there to fulfill your painting needs. 5 Star Painting services’ professional painters know exactly what to look out for when painting your homes, especially new homes such as BTOs. The intricacies of painting a brand new BTO flat can be complicated; from sharp edges and corners to split concrete. That is why all our painters are experienced with every aspect of painting, so that you don’t have to handle these details. Leave the job to us, and you will be assured of an amazing paint job done when you step into your new BTO!


Give your HDB a fresh new look

We have over 30 years’ experience as painting contractors, so we’ve done almost every job. We take pride in our personal approach to each of our customers, giving them the exceptional finish they’re looking for. Our quality services are combined with top quality paints. Even our cheaper options will give you a fantastic paint job.

Our Range of Paints

Here at 5 Star Painting, we offer up to three different types of Nippon Paint for our painting services. Moving into your very first BTO HDB flat and looking for wallet-friendly options? Go with the Basic Nippon Paint, which costs just $500 for a 3 room HDB flat or $600 for a 4 room HDB flat. Alternatively, you can also consider Enhanced or Premium options if you have a higher budget for renovation works on your BTO flat.


Why Choose 5 Star Painting?

5 Star Painting is an experienced company offering services to all types of homes in Singapore. We believe that a home needs a personal touch, which is why we specialise in providing exceptional painting services and offer a variety of colours. You can create the perfect space, from floor to ceiling, with our friendly team.

Book a contractor at 5-Star Painting today!

If you have a vision for your brand new BTO HDB flat or condo and need the professional team to help you get there, get in touch with our contractors. We don’t only offer an exceptional service, but we have a creative eye and a passion for our work that shows in the quality and detail of our paint jobs. It’s no wonder so many of our customers have loved our jobs.

Call us now at 6899 4084 for a no-obligation quotation for your HDB home! Get a new look for your home today!

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